World cafe Montreal

What’s the relationship between empirical evidence, learned knowledge, and values and intuition when working towards social change?

Must Ecohealth be integrated to other disciplines, or is it a field of its own?

Can we achieve Ecohealth learning through mainstream education, or by its very nature must we find alternative spaces and mechanisms for sharing with communities?

These and many more were some of the questions that got us all started at the Ecohealth conference 2014’s World Cafe, convened by Sonia, Carlos and Giang.

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Ecohealth Conference 2012

Vets without Borders is happy to be participating in this year’s 4th bi-annual Ecohealth Conference in Kunming, China.

Collaborating with partners from the Ecohealth Field Building Leadership Initiative in Southeast Asia and around the globe, VWB will present a talk on Collaboration and field building for Ecohealth education in Southeast Asia.

The Ecohealth Conference is an ideal forum to learn about ground-breaking research and praxis around the world, with a timely focus on Asia.  We hope to meet many friends and collaborators there!