Today was a really slow day, this would be why I had time to write this blog!

These clinics in Todos Santos would not be possible without the help of some comunity leaders. Most of them help me in many ways like getting apropriate rooms, a truck for transporting supplies from community to community and some time being present all day to ensure all goes well. Today for exemple I was happy to have Fortunato help. Fortunato is very well known and respected in Todos Santos.

A dog owner came to have her dog sterilised but was afraid that it was a sin to do it! It is against nature and God would not want her to do it. Fortunato had a chat with her in Mam of course. And the lady felt much better with her decision.

Mam is the mayan dialect spoken in Todos Santos (theres 21 mayan dialect in Guatemala). It is a very hard language to learn! I have been trying to learn it for 2 years now….the only problem is that I dont have anybody to practise with when I go back home!

Well…..I hope tomorrow will be sunny because recovery is always a chalenge on rainy, cold days like today, and we start our spays on Saturday……

Got to go back now….Ton teka at nim xyan tuj tnom Todos Santos. – Marjolaine