Lao Veterinary Student Travels to Japan to Present VWB’s Rabies Project

Souay Vongsichaleune is a 4th year student in bachelor of Animal Science at the Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Laos. Recently he participated in the 15th International Student Summit in Tokyo, Japan with many other students from all over the world.

The topic of the summit this year was “Food, Agriculture and Environment in the new century” and all students had to present an activity related to this topic that students were implementing in their own faculty.

Souay decided to present the rabies campaign that Vets without Borders has organized together with the Faculty of Agriculture in the 11 villages of Houychiem Community. Every year many veterinary students receive refresher training on rabies – cause, transmission, symptoms, prevention of the disease – and have then the opportunity to practice dog restraining and vaccination as well as participating in the awareness raising part of the campaign.

If dogs are the main reservoir of the disease in Laos, it can also contaminate humans and livestock such as cattle, buffaloes, pigs or goats; cases in those species mainly originating from dog bites. Thus by vaccinating dogs, people prevent rabies cases to outbreak in their community dogs and thus prevent the occurring of cases in humans or other livestock. Thus, they protect themselves from the economic impact that the loss of a cattle head from rabies would have on the household economics.

Souay learned a lot, met many people and discovered a new country during this summit!

On his experience there he said: “Meeting people from all over the world was wonderful, exciting and scary at the same time. People are the same everywhere. Having friendship with people talking different languages is so fantastic that everybody should experience it.”

We are very proud he could present Vets without Borders’ work at this summit!

Below are some pictures from his adventure!


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