Rural Drug Vendors in Laos

Part of Vets without Borders’ work in Laos involves training Rural Drug Vendors (RDVs) to help access to pharmacy services in rural areas. We’d like to take some time to highlight our 2 fantastic RDVs, Mr. Sisavath and Mr. Ong.



VWB assisted 2 rural drug vendors (RDVs), Mr. Sisavath and Mr. Ong, to set up their shop for animal health-related drugs and equipment by providing economic support in the form of interest-free loans and co-financing. With this support, the 2 RDVs were able to purchase veterinary drugs and vaccines, a counter for storing and displaying their products, a fridge for storing temperature-sensitive vaccines, and an  advertisement sign to promote their business.Sisavath&PAHW_signingReceiptSisavath_drug_counter

In addition to this, the RDVs participated in trainings on basic bookkeeping and business skills development, drug stock management, and drug application. Now they are ready to run and improve their business and become sustainable beyond project support. Moreover, the RDVs are a key element for a functioning and sustainable community-based animal health service system, which VWB assisted to set up in 11 villages in Xaythany district.Sisavath_Sign

In addition to local livestock farmers, the main customers of the RDVs are the 27 primary animal health workers (PAHWs) in the target area. The PAHWs, which have also been trained by VWB and the Faculty of Agriculture, can now purchase the drugs and equipment needed for providing animal health services in their villages at the RDVs shops.