Primary Animal Health Workers in Laos learn the importance of antibiotics

In Laos, the Primary Animal Health Workers’ (or PAHWs) favorite learning topic is pharmaceuticals because they know how important preventative and live-saving injections can be for farmers to be able to give to their animals.  Because prevention and disease management is so important, PAHWs need to know a lot about  the medical drugs the administer and also about the contra-indications and possible side effects of drugs.   Some farmers believe that antibiotics cannot be used in very young animals or that vaccines cannot be used in pregnant, so PAHWs work hard to educate the farmers about the the safety of vaccinations and some life-saving medicines so that they can care for their sick animals.

Last month, the VWB team in Laos had a PAHW training where all of those topics were covered. PAHWs were very enthusiastic in joining all sorts of activities, from plenary discussions, to group work, to individual presentations to card games.  Education saves both animal and human lives!