Closing the Gender Gap in Farming

How are women more vulnerable to climate change? Do women really make up the majority of the poorest around the world? And how can development programs best meet the needs of women and other vulnerable groups in agriculture?

Vets without Borders was able to join discussions on these topics amongst eminent leaders such as Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002), and Prof. Sir Gordon Conway of Imperial College London, at a conference organised by the CGIAR and partners in Paris last week.

Mary Robinson talks about women and men in positions of power opening up space for diverse voices in this audio extract:

Other talks looked at the value of women’s empowerment indicators in evaluating impact (eg. see OECD’s discussion of gender empowerment measures ), and of the role women can play in innovative technology development around agricultural processing (Smallholder women’s empowerment through farmer-participatory design and user-led innovation of labour-saving tools in Malawi, Presenter: Una Murray, National Uni of Ireland Galway).