Graduation Success for Lao Veterinary Student!

One of the veterinary students at the Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Laos is Bouachan Chantalard.  She has been involved in numerous project activities. That’s a reason why she managed to get a long term training through one of the project activity: she studied the impact of newcastle vaccination on antibody-titre in chickens and on the mortality rate of chickens in two villages (one village where the project implement monthly vaccination campaign and one control village where no vaccination are done).

SAM_4479  Lab - Phonemany recording sample names and filling up micro hematocrit tubes

Four other students joined project activities for their long term training: Amphone worked on the impact of Fowl cholera vaccination in the same two villages, Phonemany studied the prevalence of  blood parasites in large animals in four villages and Syphong did a survey on the prevalence of faecal parasites in the same area.


Last week Bouachan defended her report in front of fellow students and a jury of three teachers. She prepared a nice presentation and explained about the laboratory analyses she did. To ensure that the test were working she had a control group, she followed chickens that were not vaccinated yet, she took blood samples from them before and 15 days after vaccination, all the chickens moved from a very low antibody titre to a high one- concluding that the vaccine was effective.

She was asked a lot of interesting questions and was able to answer all of them effectively. In the end, after making a few small changes to her report-  she successfully graduated.



On the same evening of her thesis defense, her friends, teachers from the jury and project staff went to celebrate her success in a small restaurant by the Faculty.  Next year, the project is hoping to host veterinary students again for their final term training !