2015 Student Intern Program

The application process for the Vets without Borders Student Program for the Summer of 2015 is now underway!  In this program, veterinary students who are committed to global animal and human health are selected to work in several countries around the world. Students work with local and international veterinary teams on location-specific projects for three months.  Participants will have a unique opportunity to gain sills and knowledge about global public health issues.


You can intern in Tanzania and improve poultry production and help raise the income of farmers and fight poverty. Poultry farmers in Tanzania rely on the egg and poultry economy for their livelihoods. VWB has a partnership with local agriculture colleges and students will have several opportunities for learning about the challenges that local farmers face with their livestock.   A large portion of the time will be spent monitoring and updating the vaccination program and coordinating with local stakeholders.


In Kenya, students will collaborate with Kenyan veterinarians and students on research and clinical activities that benefit the the dairy farmer communities.  Dairy farmers in Kenya are primarily women, and students will learn about how enhancing the productivity of the cows directly contributes to improved financial status and quality of life. Students will be involved with animal handling, sample collection, and project data collection.


Students interning in Uganda will work on a sustainable agriculture and goat production projects that improve the economic viability for widows and orphans. Students will assist in the development of microfinance resources and helping to train paravets.   Many days will be spent vaccinating goats and evaluating and treating their overall health.


Interns that place in Laos will work in the administrative sphere of the veterinary education for the project villages. Some clinical and practical work will take place with the poultry and livestock projects, but the overall experience will be building experience with international development projects and supporting the roles of vets in developing countries.  Visits to the local villages for monitoring and communications will be integral.

We look forward to training the next generation of animal health workers so that they are better prepared to address the complex health issues and work in cross-disciplinary settings!

Read our website to find out more and continue HERE for the application form. Remember, the deadline is November 10th!

A selection of photos from the 2014 Student Program:


Picture 6

Walking to our next farm. It was a reallllly hot day!


Preparing to vaccinate