Get to know our Vet Margot!

As my time in Lao PDR as Communications Intern ends, I pass on the blogging-torch to my friend and colleague, Margot. You may have seen Margot in a picture or two from some earlier blog posts but now is your chance to get to know her a little bit better!

Margot is a French veterinarian and epidemiologist who obtained her DVM in Lyon and her MSc in Animal Health and Epidemiosurveillance in Southern Countries (SAEPS) at the Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research and Development (CIRAD), Montpellier. Before coming to Laos she worked in Wallis and Futuna, two very small islands in the Pacific ocean, focusing her work on pigs whose population exceeds the number of people living there!

Margot tending to an elephant in Thailand
As a new recruit of Vets without Borders, she is working to strengthen animal healthcare services and community health in Xaythany District, and hopes it will help increase the well-being of these communities. She made the most of her student years by working as an intern in England, Spain, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Mali, Philippines and Thailand, discovering the development side of veterinary work. Yet her will to discover the world does not necessarily fit her passion for sport… Margot, travelling light? Never! She is always carrying around her sports gear be it a kite surf, rock-climbing shoes or lately a slackline.
Team Picture! Left to right: Kham, Chantha, Margot, Sithsavath, Kristen, Lampheuy, Malavanh, Daovy and Khao.
Many thanks and best of luck to Margot and the rest of the Vets without Borders team as they continue their great work in Lao PDR!


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