Our Favourite Africa Things

While Kellie and I walked to a farm to see a sick chicken, we chatted about some of the things we were going to miss about being here.  Things like walking down dirt paths to farm calls in the bright warm sun (like we were doing during our conversation).  We joked about creating a song parody like The Sound of Music’s “My Favourite Things” sung by Maria.  Turns out the joke turned into a reality and we composed a parody (sung to the same tune) for everyone’s enjoyment.  Some of the song is in Swahili so there is a legend at the end for translation purposes.


“Our Favourite Africa Things”

By: Jodi and Kellie

Buying ndizi and ripe parachichi

Drinking a Tusker or Kilibaridi

Goats on the roadside tied there by a string

These are our favourite Africa things.


The days with maji and the nights with power

Having clean feet and a long, moto shower

School kids surrounding us, starting to sing

These are our favourite Africa things.


Responding “poa” when greeted with “mambo”

Eating our wali / maharagwe combo

Jammed in a bus like a can of sardines

These are our favourite Africa things.


When the bus breaks

When the kids scream

When the stove won’t light

We simply remember our Africa things

And then everything’s alllllllllllllright

[Repeat all verses]



*Ndizi – Bananas (one of Kellie’s absolute favourite things!  We had to look up if eating too many could kill you…)

*Parachichi – Avocados (sold right next to the ndizi’s at our favourite roadside stand)

*Tusker/ Kili (short for Kilimanjaro) – two Tanzanian beers (Kili is Jodi’s favourite, Kellie prefers Serengeti but it doesn’t work in the song)

*Baridi – Cold (you have to specifically request for a cold beer and it rarely ever shows up that way even when you do)

*Maji – Water (our house’s tap runs dry often and there is never any warning when it does)

*Moto – Hot (we use hot loosely because showers are never hot.  Lukewarm water from a MEC camping shower is usually the best we can get and it is much more enjoyable than bathing with cold water so it makes it favourites list for that reason!

*Poa – Cool (poa can be used as a slang similar to English.  It also can mean that you are cold or that you want a piece of soap – poa is a brand of soap here too)

*Mambo – What’s up? (sometimes it is also said as “Mambo vipi” or just shortened to “vipi” which means “how’s it going” or literally “how”)

*Wali – Rice

*Maharagwe – Beans