Uganda – Goat Pass-Out & Paravet Refresher

Last week we made our way through the villages surrounding Mbarara to find goats to blood test and purchase. We had some long days and long drives but managed to round up 35 brucella negative goats for our first goat pass out day!  During that time we also made many house visits to the beneficiaries to see how they were doing and to find women who were ready to receive goats. The goats purchased this week were graciously provided by the donations to Tara, Elad, and Devon’s Global Vets group through a fundraising account put in place by Tara’s mother Barbara Souther. We still have another 55 goats to hand out from donations from this fund as well as from those of you who contributed directly to Katie and I!  Thanks to all of you!

Testing for brucellosis.


On Monday, we did a few more house visits and picked up all the goats and brought them to the demonstration farm. We rented a small truck and driver and managed to fit all 35 goats in the bed of the truck! We stayed at the demonstration farm into the evening deworming and vaccinating all the goats so that they would be ready for the next day’s pass-out.

How many goats can you fit in a truck?


Hoof trimming


We made our way back to the farm in the morning to finish processing the goats, making sure each had received the treatments and had their hooves trimmed. The beneficiaries were arriving just as we were finishing up. They all came dressed in their best outfits for the ceremony! We began the day with some husbandry training and explanations of the goat pass-out scheme and revolving fund. We also talked about the social business, goat ownership and ideas for theft prevention.

Goat care 101

After having a lunch of matooke, sweet potato, posho and beans provided by the paravet Margaret, we began the exciting task of giving the women their goats! The women were overjoyed to receive their animals and that their hard work and dedication was recognized by the loan. It was a great day to be a part of!

Breaking for lunch.


Group picture once the pass-out ceremony was complete.
Fastest way to get your goats home.


The next day we kept on with our busy week by having our paravet refresher training. Sixteen of the local paravets were able to make it to the day. We were able to have very productive discussions with them about some of the common problems they face and brainstormed ideas as a group. One of the highlights of the day was when we were able to give them bags of colostrum donated by WCVM’s own Dr. Debbie Haines from the Saskatoon Colostrum Company. They were so happy to receive this product and learn about how to use it. They had many questions about its uses and looked forward to being able to try it out. We concluded the day with details of the community husbandry day this Friday and upcoming vaccination days.

The paravets learning about colostrum powder.

Looking forward to a busy month ahead!