Adventures and Answers

We are sure everyone is excited to find out the answer to our challenge from our last blog “Who Wants to Be a Veterinarian”.  However, instead of providing the answer, we thought it would be more fun for you to search for the answer like we searched for Kaporogwe Falls on Sunday.  Throughout the story of our Sunday adventure are bolded, underlinedletters that spell the disease the chickens were sick and died from.  We hope you enjoy this adventure (and reading about ours) as much as we enjoyed it!

We heard a rumour that there was a waterfall, Kaporogwe Falls, you can walk behind somewhere at the end of the road we live on.  Our friend Jeffery, the teacher at Ilima Secondary School we’ve mentioned before, provided us a hand-drawn map of the directions and helped to arrange bicycles for us to rent.  We picked up the bikes on Saturday evening and made sure they were fit to go (e.g. working brakes, tires full of air, etc).  We had completed steps 1 and 2 – map and bikes

On Sunday morning, we started our day with a delicious breakfast!  We decided to make a breakfast that reminded us of home – pancakes – and attempted it on our charcoal stove.  After a few trial and error pancakes, we perfected our technique and enjoyed delicious pancakes topped in pineapple liquor sautéed bananas with tea and coffee.  Step 3 complete – breakfast done.  With our bellies full, we set off on our bike ride to find Kaporogwe Falls!  Jeffery warned us that it would be 15km to the Falls and we’d likely have a harder time on the way back.  (Looking back, we realize he was absolutely right – we didn’t peddle at all on the way there and it kicked our butts on route back!) Along the way, we enjoyed the scenery of the ride – fields of tea, banana trees, and epic mountain views.  The small villages we biked through were beautiful and serene – they were a far cry from the road and cars and the busyness of larger cities!  You also wouldn’t believe how many children came rushing to the road side to wave.  It was incredibly cute.  Passerbys also got very excited when we greeted them in Swahili and Nyakyasa (the local tribal language).  We were joined by a village boy who self-appointed himself as our guide.  If we fell behind, he waited.  If we somehow got ahead, he’d point the way.  He never said a word to us but he was a great help.  He even carried our bikes over a river while balancing on a log bridge!  Before we knew it, we had accomplished step 4 – we were at Kaporogwe Falls!  The view was amazing; it looked like a scene from The Land Before Time or Lion King.  We took lots of pictures and enjoyed our lunch behind the waterfall.  With our bellies full again, we decided to head back home.

Only one more step to go in our adventure: step 5 – getting home.  It would prove to be the most difficult of all!  Jeffery had warned us it would be difficult and he was right.  It was exhausting!  We spent more time walking beside our bikes than peddling on them.  Most of the trek home was uphill and we were tired and hot when we finally arrived.Despite the hard work getting back, we had a great time exploring our neighbourhood.  Definitely a fun day!