PAHWs get tech-savvy with smartphones and new app!

Vets without Borders was lucky enough to have Vicky, a representative from LifeLearn, come all the way from Canada to Paksapmei to teach us and the PAHWs about the smartphone app they developed with the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC).

Vicky (right) ready to share her knowledge on mobile learning and apps with VWB team and PAWHs.

The purpose of this new app is to improve poultry management for smallholder farmers in the project villages of Xanthany District, central Laos. The app will provide PAWHs with information on poultry housing, reproduction and selection, nutrition and brooding using text, photos and videos. With access to these resources, PAWHs can teach farmers in their village about proper poultry management; knowledge which will hopefully contribute to the enhancement of their production and livelihood.

Here is a sneak peak of our two-day training session!

PAHWs get acquainted with their new smartphones and learn how to use the poultry management app!

More about the app, smartphones and PAHWs coming soon!






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