Ushirika, Tanzania – A Place Where Small Victories Can Seem Huge

We are now settling into our home in Ushirika – we’ve transitioned out of the move-around hotel lifestyle and into our permanent African residence.  It’s been an adjustment but we’re managing well and getting the hang of life here.  This weekend, after unpacking and doing some organizing, we explored our new town (which takes about 5 minutes to walk through) – we found a few places to eat, made some new friends, and discovered what the Sunday market has to offer.  The highlight of the entire weekend, was finding peanut butter (siagi ya karanga) in the market; what would merely be a small victory, if even that, by Canadian standards.  However, after visiting more shops than we can count and having numerous shop-keepers and vendors look at us like we had six heads, we finally stumbled upon a vendor with 1000g of the liquid gold!  Let the delicious peanuty-celebrations begin 🙂