Visitors Welcome

We’ve left the life of hotel hopping for a more settled existence in Ushirika.  We moved in today (Saturday) and we thought it would be important to post directions to our house in case anyone had the desire to visit us in remote Tanzania 😛


  1. Fly into Dar es Salaam.
  2. Drive on the main road towards Morogoro.
  3. Keep left at the fork in Chalinze.
  4. Continue on the main road.
  5. Keep left at the fork in Mbeya.
  6. Continue on the main road.
  7. Turn right at the pile of bananas in Ushirika (you think you don’t know what we mean…but you will)
  8. Stop driving when you reach the church – we are the house on the left.

A warning for visitors that we learned today when we moved in: spiders and cockroaches are much larger than ever experienced in North America – no matter where you’ve travelled; it’s got nothing on African varieties.  Our room was riddled when we arrived and although ‘clean’ now of the bugs (thank goodness for Kellie – she definitely came to the rescue) we cannot make any promises that your stay will be at all giant-spider or huge-cockroach free!