Touchdown in Entebbe

Arrived in Entebbe yesterday, after a couple of days of long flights. Still haven’t quite absorbed the fact that I am here in Africa. Was picked up from the airport by Frank (our main contact in Entebbe)’s brother Silas who handed me a phone to talk to the rest of the team. I followed him to the parking lot where he very briefly introduced me to his friends and told me to follow them and then walked away (to pay for parking?). I followed them without really having any idea of where I was being led and put my bags in the car. They took me to Green Valley Guest House where I unpacked my bags and rested while I waited for the rest of the gang (Katie, Elad, Tara and Devon) to get back from Safari that evening.
Adam (another student from WCVM) who is here with Students for Development is also staying here at Green Valley. We went to the market in the afternoon to exchange some money and buy some water. I think I was still a bit too out of it to take everything in but I will definitely want to check out the market again.

Once the others returned we caught up a bit over the exciting things we did over the past week (their safari and my RAVS (rural area vet services) trip to Arizona). Frank took us to his favourite “street meat” vendor in town. As soon as we opened the van door we were swarmed by vendors looking to sell us some roasted chicken. We walked past most of them and then sat down at a table and ordered “Club” beer and bitter lemon (a more awesome non-sweetened version off sprite).
After a great meal Frank brought us to “The Red Rooster” where we played a couple of games of pool (well, technically snooker). Great first night in Uganda, exhausted, excited, and ready to get started on the project.

P.S., if you guys want to hear more about what we are up to check out the Global Vets Uganda blog that Devon, Tara and Elad are writing: