Participatory consultation – theory and practice

The project team at Nabong enjoyed an interesting week of
learning about and reflecting on participatory consultation methods with mentor
Mr. Luechai. The week also ensured that we got to see a more personal side to
our team members; one that usually stays hidden in the everyday hustle and
bustle of work.
Full of ideas and curiosity, the team then set out to apply
our new participatory consultation skills in meetings with villagers in Nakhao
and Dounien. It is amazing what one can learn when one just watches and listens
Women's consultations in Nakhao village
In the images you can see how engaged most participants
were, whether it was during the icebreaker games that always resulted in a lot
of laughing or whether it was during the more serious part of actually putting
one’s concerns on paper.
A woman in Dounien writing down her family's goals and constraints
With what we have learned from Mr. Luechai, and with what we
will learn from the farmers in our project villages, we will be better able to
support and assist them in improving their livelihoods. The project team, led
by Dr. Lamphuey and Dr. Malavanh from the Faculty of Agriculture, will spend
the next few weeks in in-depth consultations with farmers from selected
villages. Stay tuned to what we will learn… and how we will apply it.
Fun with the icebreaker game in Dounien
Posted by Fabienne