PAHW Review Days

PAHWs Thonger, Khuatuayang & Somsanouk in Sene Oudom Village

Which drug could you use when, where, how and why?
Mr. Khampoun from Nakhao and his fellow PAHWs debate the correct answer for the question at hand
We are back in the villages working with the Primary Animal Health Workers (PAHWs)!
Presently, we are doing review days with all the PAHWs in our project. Through a series of playful interactions, open discussion and group exchange the PAHWs have a chance to share their experiences amongst themselves. In addition to a formal questionnaire, which each PAHW completes before our sessions these review days are also an opportunity for our project team to assess each PAHW’s individual knowledge base. Our concerns about putting them in a ‘test-like’ situation with the questionnaire were completely squashed when they could not wait to find out how well they did on the questionnaire; one might even say some were a bit competitive! In order to allow more vigorous debates, the PAHWs from two or three villages are grouped together – it is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm and ambition the PAHWs bring to the table!
We will use the information and insights gained during these exciting days to formulate a structured training curriculum for our PAHWs.
Posted by Fabienne