Training of Trainers workshop launches pilot Ecohealth manual

The end of June saw VWB’s seminal Training of Trainers workshop take place in the coastal city of Pattaya, Thailand.

An ideal site for asking questions about the interaction between geography, landscape and social spaces, the workshop brought together future leaders in Ecohealth education from China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.  All the participants are part of a cohort who are developing Ecohealth teaching courses in these four countries.  The workshop allowed participants to build team collaboration and put their heads together to design the nuts and bolts of Ecohealth courses to suit their audience and institutional needs.

Participants from China’s Kunming Medical University planned out an Ecohealth module as well as cross-institutional seminars. Indonesia’s team saw the planning of a two-day Ecohealth module for Future Leader training; Thailand’s Mahidol University planned a whole curriculum for their graduate Ecohealth course in the making, and Vietnam’s Hanoi School of Public Health contingent prepared 4 to 16 hour teaching modules across departments using case studies and lecture-based classes.

The workshop was also an opportunity to soft launch the new pilot ECOHEALTH TRAINER MANUAL, developed over the last months by a collaborative team of authors from Southeast Asia and Canada. The Trainer Manual provides in-depth guidance on preparing Ecohealth courses and focuses on the following topcis:

  • Approaches to Designing and Teaching Ecohealth Courses
  • Introduction to Ecohealth
  • Participatory Research
  • Using Systems Concepts in Ecohealth
  • Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity
  • Disease Ecology
  • Agriculture and Health

We expect to formally launch the final manual along with 3 other mini-modules in early 2013 after a period of piloting and editing this year.   We are excited to be part of the growing Ecohealth community in Southeast Asia supporting Ecohealth field building.