Generation 2: Chick pass ons successful!

Working closely with veteran and incoming members of the poultry project, the team has supported new farmers in the  villages of Nakhao, Thachampa and Hat Viengkham to participate in Generation 2 of the project.

Since providing 6 days of classroom and practical training in February, the team has helped members build chicken houses to welcome their new chicks.  Through experience, the PAWHs are also taking a lead in coordinating renewed poultry vaccination campaigns, essential to ensure the pass on chicks are healthy and in good shape to hand over to new famers.  Generation 1 farmers feel proud to be able to pass on their chicks to new participants and are keen to continue receiving support and training from VWB and the PAHWs. This is guaranteed to help them with their long term success.

Mr Phomma and Mrs Mai of Hat Viengkham explained:

“We can gain a lot of knowledge on how to raise chickens while before we participated, we did not know much.  The hens of improved breeds do not sit after laying eggs, so we need to keep the eggs with local hens or ducks.  However, improved breeds can eat the same as local breeds but they can grow up faster than local breeds, they can adapt well to the environment.  Also, improved breeds can lay eggs faster than local ones and produce more eggs”.