Vets without Borders is a finalist in Heska Inspiration in Action Contest – Vote Now!

Veterinarians without Borders/ Vétérinaires sans Frontières is one of five finalists that has a chance to win $25,000 in the national 2011 Heska Inspiration in Action Contest. Vote for VWB/VSF now!

By building healthy communities in some of the poorest developing countries, where people are struggling to recover from war and epidemic disease, the VWB/VSF program helps mitigate conditions that lead to instability and the spread of disease. In times of unstable climate, economy and politics, this creates a basis on which to build a more stable global community. Prize money from the contest would be used to support two ongoing projects in Laos and Uganda.

In today’s global economy and crowded planet, the health and welfare of animals and people everywhere are inter-connected. 60% of human diseases originate in animals, and is most acutely felt in developing countries where rural farmers rely heavily on animals for insurance, transport, labor, food, and income. In these developing countries, the veterinary profession now, more than ever, has the opportunity to help resolve challenges in food security, agriculture, equity, empowerment of women, and human and animal health. Currently, 70% of the global poor live in rural areas where women are challenged to provide 75% of agricultural labor and produce 80-90% of food.

Vote for VWB/VSF now! Voting is open to US citizens 18 yrs+.