Video on Vets without Borders Chile Program

Veterinarians without Borders/Vétérinaires Sans Frontières´ mission is to work together with less privileged communities towards improving their livelihood and well-being, using sustainable and ecohealth approaches. In Latin America, our goal is to build capacity amongst local people by giving them the tools they require to understand the importance of interactions between themselves and their animals, with a particular emphasis on domestic dogs. This is not an easy task, because it encompasses a host of complex and interwoven socio-cultural issues ranging from how people perceive dogs and other animals, to issues of serious diseases transmitted to people, fatal attacks on children, predation of endangered wildlife and livestock, and the animal welfare issues experienced by the dogs themselves. By investigating these topics and by showing people the links between their own lifestyles, economic well-being and family health and that of their animals and environments; we hope to empower men, women and children through knowledge and participation to build healthier and more sustainable communities.
This promotional video directed and produced by Carlos Johnson, will give you a small taste of the cultural and social conditions affecting the issue, what we do, and how much more we still need to do.
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