Exit Ethiopia: Enter Kenya

This is our last day in Ethiopia. Tomorrow morning we leave at 6 am to Addis Abeba where we will see where Lucy, the oldest human skeleton, and go shopping at the largest market in Ethiopia. The 350km drive takes over 6 hours, as we will once again be weaving in and out of donkeys and people.

We have had a great time here in Ethiopia. Val and I have learned a lot about cattle and the way of the Ethiopian dairy farmer. We have learned what is required in terms of the basic changes needed here to improve the welfare of the cattle and improve milk production. Some of these include principles of cow comfort, such as trimming toes and adding bedding, to nutrition, and the necessity of concentrates and mineral on reproductive success. We saw a very wide range of farms and met many people, most of whom were happy to participate with our project. We have had fun with our drivers Safu and Jabir and our partner Dr. Tolosa.

Ethiopian people are far more affectionate than North Americans, there is more hand holding and a much warmer greeting is given upon encountering a friend. In this sense, I think it is a richer country despite its lack of wealth.