And some more photos…

… To go along with Ilona’s description of our fun-filled times here in Wa, Ghana!

Here is a picture of Ilona assisting Dr. Shittu with a goat cesarean section. It was the goat’s first parity and she had  a very narrow pelvis so could not give birth naturally. We weren’t nervous with suturing mama goat at all as Dr. Shittu slowly and patiently guided our way through the procedure.

After suturing the skin and muscle together, a long piece of gauze was placed over the incision site and subsequently drenched with “wound powder” and “healing ointment” (will get back to the readers on the exact recipe of these concoctions later, but the goat has been doing fine since we last saw her a week ago for wound dressing so the topicals were effective!)

Post surgery, the fellows that brought the goat in cleaned mama’s udder and coaxed the newly born kid into suckling. It was a success!

Ilona and I decided to create large posters for each village to educate them on the 4 main causes of guinea fowl mortality during the rainy season, these conditions include: Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease (“Gumboro”), coccidiosis, and parasites. We added photographs of some lesions that could be seen in affected birds and also basic illustrations for enhanced learning for the villagers as some are illiterate.

Ilona and I present poster 1 (of 4) to the village of Sombo. The man in the yellow is Ebenezer, our contact for the village. He is responsible for organizing the village meetings – usually we have them in this village after church on Sundays, and is also in charge of translating for us. He has been great help and is excited for the project and what it entails.