A photo heavy update

One time we stopped by the village of Danko to use the borehole as our residence was out of water for the night. The locals insisted that I tried pumping water and all laughed at the sight of a foreigner performing an everyday task. The kids loved getting their photos taken.

Ilona and I were in Sagu village vaccinating chicken and guinea fowl against Newcastle – the I-2 vaccination is placed in the eye. We also managed to acquire two new pets that Ilona had mentioned in her previous post.

In Nator the villagers were so happy with our proposal and assistance that the elder made a contribution of providing us with guinea fowl eggs – this was very generous of him as guinea fowl eggs are hard to come by, not to mention very expensive (3 eggs are sold for $1 GHC which is a little less than $1 CDN.)

Ilona attempting to pound “Fu fu” a local meal that is enjoyed by many Ghanaians. Boiled yams are placed in the wooden bowl and pounded until it reaches a sticky/glutinous consistency and is served with spicy “Light” soup and assorted meats (such as guinea fowl).


More pictures to come in our next update!


Dor (aka Official Photo Uploader)