Pole sana!

We are very sorry (pole sana) that it took so long to get an update on here.  Our internet access is very limited, as many of our other resources, too.

The village of Ilima is both beautiful and wonderful. The people have been nothing but welcoming and eager to work with us.  The work done by Adam and Monica last year appears to have made progress among a good number of farmers and we now have many more looking to get involved.  Sadly, we can only accomodate so many in one summer but we have high hopes that after ramping up the system and incorporating some new initiatives, next year could see more teaching farmers expanding into new groups with whole new batches of students!

Currently, we’re expanding the groups that already exist by another 30 farmers, as the teachers indicated this was the most they could bring into the current pool.  We will be training them directly to bring them up to speed with the others already involved and researching the possibility of incorporating millet and termites into the chicken feed, as they usually rely on maize grain.

Baby chicks still have a high mortality rate but we’ve already started to work on increasing the vaccinations for Newcastle disease to try and ensure the chicks are not waiting too long.

The views here are amazing.  Coming from Ontario myself, where there are no real mountains, I find it constantly a wonder to look around pretty much anywhere we are and see mountains.  The valleys and hills are covered in tea plantations, small fields owned by families, banana trees and sugar cane.

We have not had much time to go try any tours or hikes yet as we have been quite involved in making sure the project goals for the summer get moving, but sometime next week, we may be going to climb Mount Rungwe.

So, until we next get to a computer, enjoy the summer! I know we are.

I’d like to mention that my involvement in this project has been generously sponsored by Burnbrae Farms, CIDA, Iams (P&G) and many family and friends!