More updates

Hello my dear friends,

Today we climbed a volcano outside the nearby town of Kaleo, with our friends Elijah and Noah. It was not the highest of mountains, but was certainly a challenge for myself as I am still recovering from a severe tummy lurgy of unknown but probably food/water origins.

Since my last post, Bruce and Isaac have left us, and we three girls have been getting along on our own (with the help of many friends, including the lovely Kirsten, who was here with VWB last summer as well)
After so many meetings, prospects are promising and we have rallied local support- so it is up to Dor and I to gather some last few pieces of information to add to the proposal.  (In part through CIDA
This includes exploring the gender equity issues surrounding guinea fowl production, learning more about production practices and attitudes towards potential changes as well as continuing with necropsy work as part of disease surveillance.

We have had more opportunities to explore the market in ‘downtown’ Wa and have already found a few favourite foods- including kuli-kuli which I can only describe as a sort of deep fried peanut butter ball (everything is deep fried here)
Tomorrow, Dor and I head out to two villages, Chang (home of the famous Isaac Luginaah) and then Chairia, where we will introduce ourselves and the project this year. Then we will organize some focus groups to meet during the summer, so that we can learn more about afore mentioned husbandry practices and gender roles.

In other exciting news, our night watchman has astonishingly good aim when shooting bats out of the mango tree with a slingshot- truly it is remarkable. The only other thing I will report is that on Tuesday we are hoping to go out to the market in Chairia with our lovely guide Priscilla and buy some goat companions!

Perspiringly yours,