Dor writing from Ghana

Sorry for not keeping up with updating the blog! We’ve all been busy going to places, meeting people, trying new foods so there was never any time to sit down and type something up until now.

I safely arrived to the Kotoka International airport last Sunday and was welcomed by many friendly faces – Dr Bruce Hunter (our project leader) of OVC, Dr Isaac Luginaah from University of Western Ontario, Jenna (Isaac’s student) and Kofi (Isaac’s nephew-in-law). The Ghanaian weather is drastically different than what I had in Toronto before departing from Pearson airport. As I stepped off the plane I was embraced by very warm Ghanaian air which I will later come to love! My first night in Accra was fun and welcoming, we were invited to Joe’s (Isaac’s brother-in-law) house to have dinner. There, Kofi explained what T.Z. was. T.Z. stands for ‘Tuo Zaafi’ and is a fairly spicy dish of fish stew and congealed maize. You rip chunks off of the maize and dip it into the stew. Kofi explained that it’s a bit spicy so it will fill your stomach so you can go to work energized. Before you eat T.Z. you will have to wash your hands – and you don’t have to walk to the bathroom to do this because there will be a bottle of soap and a bowl of water at the table for you to do all of this! And you should always use your right hand when eating dishes like this!

Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. After dinner I was settled into the guest house in Accra, and it was funny because Aloysia the innkeeper told me her neice’s name is Doris, so she won’t ever forget my name. In the morning we saw goats and goat kids wandering around outside of the guest house which Ilona and I thought were absolutely adorable, and vowed to take care of a few animals when we were up settled in the Wa district of the Upper West Region.

Attached is a photo at Kofi’s lovely house – his mother and sisters are such a great cooks and they made such delicious dishes. I tried ‘Kenke’ which is fermented maize balls topped with various spicy sauces, onion and tomatoes, and meat/fish dishes. When I’m a bit more awake, I’ll update everyone on Wa – where we currently are in a bit – I had a hard time sleeping last night as they had a graduation ceremony at the place we are staying at, and music was loud (we were invited to come out and dance, but it was a bit too late for us and we have a wedding to attend today morning!)