Day 2

Hello dear friends!
I have survived my first full day here in Accra- oh boy is it hot. So hot.

First, my world tour:
I arrived in Chicago Saturday afternoon, sadly bad weather meant that I would be spending the night in Chicago.  The bright side was that I got a night in a hotel I couldn’t normally afford to stay in AND a free meal! Who doesn’tlove free?

From Chicago, I was shipped off to London Heathrow, then made a speedy connection to Frankfurt. Again, rushing through security, I made it on my flight to Accra! So, just a little more than a day late, I stepped off the plane and the humidity hit me like a load of soggy bricks.
My heart sank a little as I watched the empty carousel for several turns but I hadn’t really expected my bag to be able to keep up with me on this hectic globetrotting venture and it sure lifted my spirits to step into the arrivals area to a cheering entourage. Some Turkish kebab and a pineapple&ginger pop (SO GOOD! SO GOOD!) were had before retiring to my room. Dor was kind enough to support me while I was living through bag-withdrawal.

This morning we got a call at breakfast saying that my bag was at the airport after all! In fact, it reached Accra before I did, having somehow managed to cross the Atlantic with a different airline than I was even traveling on. Hunh. But, hooray!

Today we toodled around the market with our gracious host/supervisor Isaac, and have been enjoying the food and excellent company. Tomorrow we Hope to make the trek northwards to Wa but things don’t operate in quite the same way here.