Day 1 in the field

Today was the first day in the field. It started out a bit rough but ended up being productive. We got the jeep back yesterday only to find out that it didn’t start!…back to the shop:(
We arranged alternative transport and eneded up having a very productive day because all of the benificaries (villagers that are part of the program) were in walking distance of one another, so we got much done on foot.
The parish we visited today is very differnet from most of the parishes that Laura has said that she has been to. They are located closer to town and have slightly higher standards as compared to some of the other parishes that consist mostly of mud huts and limited access to water.
In the field we came across our first challenge….goats had been distributed in January and the beneficiaries were to build goat pens for them. They are provided with a revolving fund, which allows them to borrow money to implement proper goat husbandry, and which is to be paid back with a small amount of interest (all of this money goes to the parish, the interest is in order for the funds to grow). This has worked well in the past, but this parish consists of muslims, who don’t believe in borrowing money with interest attached. Therefore very few pepople have used the money, and few pens have been built and animals have not been dewormed.
This parish (and one other that is muslim) will be a challange in regards to addressing how these people will build proper infrastructure for the goats without borrowing the money from the funds.
Tomrrow we are planning on visiting another parish that have recently recieved goats and address their questions and concerns. We have the car back, and with fingers crossed we will be able to use it tomorrow!

Oh and No Ebola in this area yet!!