Hello dear friends, Ilona here!
I have just finished first year vet at the University of Calgary, and as ecstatic as I am to be done exams, I am even more thrilled that I will soon be leaving this fair continent behind. In just a few days I will be flying to Ghana to work on a project with guinea fowl (I mean, I will be working on a project involving guinea fowl, they will not be my coworkers). If you are not familiar with this adorable little bird, you can learn what Wikipedia has to offer here:

This will be my first time in west Africa, but I was born in Zimbabwe and have visited a number of southern African countries- it will be interesting to discover the similarities and differences culturally,climatically, gastronomically etc.

After some minor issues arranging my visa, I’ve got both my visa and passport back in my hot little hands. I’ve taken over the guest room at my parents’ house as the staging ground for fitting 3 months worth of necessities into my backpack (less is more, right?) and am planning to exchange packing lists with Doris (my co-worker and constant companion to-be).
I’m thinking 2 litres of sunscreen should just about do it…

It’s Ghana be a great time, so keep checking back here for updates and photos.