T minus 2 weeks!

In less than 2 weeks me and my future partner-in-crime, Ilona will be setting foot in Ghana! It still feels quite surreal to me. I am getting progressively more excited with every new phrase I learn! Hopefully I’ll be able to speak a few phrases of ¬†Akan (Twi) and Waali before settling in, though I’m sure everyone will be happy to help. I am extremely excited to meet the kids, farmers, and the animals there. One word I know I’ll be saying quite often is, “Meda wo ase!” which means thank-you in Twi.

Attached is a doodle my friend did – the elephants represent my class at the Ontario Veterinary College (we’re the Emerald elephants), and the colours on the ribbon are the national colours of Ghana. It reminded me a bit of a band so I thought I’d have a little picture superimposed to the doodle!