Ready, Set..Almost Go

Well, the adventure is about to begin.  Having just finished my final exams this past Friday, the weekend was a blur of celebration and moving.  Now I made it back home to Fredericton and have less than two days to go before boarding the plane to Guatemala.  I’m heading out two weeks before my project begins to backpack in Honduras and Nicaragua.  Besides the open water dive course I registered for (about an hour ago) in Honduras, I don’t have anything else set in stone.  My lack of schedule and stress seems to be the major contributing factor to my parents’ excessive stress level.  For fear of the bazzillion questions that my mom will hit me with if I surface, I have confined myself to the safety of my room, where I am “packing”. 

After being stuck in a lecture theatre for most of the year, I can’t wait to start my work in Todos Santos.  Im sure the experience will far exceed my expectations!  Well, for now I should probably get back to I mean packing…hopefully I get a chance to write between now and when the project starts on the 19th!