Christmas 2010 in Ghana

I am back in Ghana for the holiday time:) It is great to be here during the hamartime season-things are very different. it is very dry. It definitely feels like sub-saharan Africa right now! Even on the motorbike this morning the sand and wind just whips into your eyes.
I am here trying to obtain the final information needed for the proposal for CIDA. It is interesting to be here during the holidays. Ghanaians sure love their holidays! There is a lot of drinking and eating and visiting. The social culture is very rich here. Everyone has been taking wonderful care of me (too much:)) lol
I was even spoilt to have a christmas goat prepared for me next to a lake and a boat ride in a fishing canoe. The entire time was spent with many curious villagers as well. What a great time. Those village kids sure can dance! I saw some amazing moves. It was a great christmas.
I am still trying to get out to the villages, with the holidays and vehicle problems it has proven to be a bit tricky, but hey, it is Africa isn’t it? I hope to get out to the villages today, I am just waiting to hear about the condition of the vehicle we were suppose to go out there in, Yesterday on the way, it began smoking so we had to pull over abruptly and disconnect the battery. Hopefully it will be fixed today. I am looking forward to seeing the villagers again.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!