Pila, Pila, Pila!!!

So Kate and I were enjoying a cup of chocolata on Sunday morning, when we heard some ear piercing cries of a dog coming from the building across the street. They stopped, we looked at each other, and the wheels were turning in our heads of whether to investigate. Then the cries continued, so we went into the building until the cries guided us to a pila on the second floor. A pila is a large 3-compartment sink used in homes and businesses. In front of the pila were two Todos Santeros men with a broomstick trying to push out a small puppy from behind the pila. The water was running and the puppy was soaked, shivering, and clearly in shock. As we approached the men quickly left and I wedged my way in behind the pila while Kate tried to find a rope to use as a leash. I suspected the puppy would want to try and bite me if I reached out to her, but she was so petrified she was frozen still. So after a few minutes of petting I was able to scruff her and pull her out. Then the question was “what do we do with her?” We decided to dry her off and perhaps set her free in a more amiable location. But when we got her back to the hotel, I put her on the ground to dry her off and she immediately took off. So it was Kate´s turn to pull her out of the neighbours yard. We had a clinic in Angles that day so we brought her with us to hang out for the day. Since “dogs in a bag” are a routine occurence here, Tracy and Kate created a puppy hammock in a corner of the clinic room by hanging a VWB tote bag from the ceiling where the puppy slept most of the day. Over the course of the day, Tracy was suspiciously spending a lot of time with the puppy, and sure enough there was the rumour of finding out the procedure for bringing her home to Victoria.

With careful consideration, the puppy has been called “Pila”. And it´s been incredible how quickly Pila and Tracy have bonded. However, with what Pila´s been through there is still an urge on her part to flee through open doors. So on Tuesday, in stealth-like fashion, she managed to run out the door while we were doing the spay clinic in Los Pablos. Tracy, Kate and I looked up and down the hill, throughout the building, along the main street, calling “Pila, Pila, Pila!”, all to no avail. It occured to Kate that as we were looking for her the local people must have thought we were crazy yelling “sink, sink, sink!”. She was small and easily camouflaged. I will admit, I was very pessimistic about seeing her again. A little girl said she saw her running up the hill and down the mountain side. So Tracy followed a pathway, calling for Pila, and sure enough the little stinker came out from a bush and up to Tracy. As I saw Tracy come down the hill with Pila, a bumper sticker about animal adoption came to mind “who rescued who”, since clearly it´s destined these two are meant to be together.
And so Pila has a plane ticket to Victoria….(Pila = 2 , Brush with death = 0…Pila + Tracy = home run….)

See you soon,